Crypto Basics for VPN

Maintained by Tina Bird

Last modified: 12-Feb-2003 22:41


An Overview of Cryptography

Crypto and Security links from the FreeS/WAN folk

Peter Gutmann's Crypto Tutorial All 704 slides of it.

Security Pitfalls in Cryptography

The Snake Oil FAQ How to tell good security products from bad ones.

Why Cryptography is Harder than It Looks

Mostly for Developers:

Advanced Encryption Standard

Advanced Secure Hash Algorithms Cryptographic toolkit for secure hashing

Crypto Gardening Guide and Planting Tips

Determining Strengths for Public Keys Used for Exchanging Symmetric Keys

Digital Signatures and Message Digests

Entropy Gathering & Distribution System A system service and library for providing secure random numbers.

Randomness Recommendations for Security

x.509 Style Guide Peter Gutmann's guidelines for creating and working with x.509 certificates and other ASN.1 encoded data

Mostly for Political Activists:

Cracking DES Secrets of Encryption Research, Wiretap Politics & Chip Design

Encryption Privacy and Security Resource Page Includes copies of pending US legislation related to privacy and cryptography issues, as well as white papers on key escrow and other related topics.