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Last modified: 10 January 2005

NEWS: I'm slowly trying to get some updates in place. With the emergence of endpoint configuration management and network access control as a new security technology -- and with my own recent shift to the security architect role at a vendor providing VPN and policy enforcement solutions -- I think the VPN site needs a couple of updates. Although I am now employed by InfoExpress, I am continuing to maintain this site independently of them, and fully intend to continue its vendor neutral status. If you have further concerns about this, please feel free to contact me.

NEWS: Check out recommendations from the VPN mailing list on the best IPsec reference books.

What's a VPN? Virtual private networks are secured private network connections, built on top of publicly-accessible infrastructure, such as the Internet or the public telephone network. VPNs typically employ some combination of encryption, digital certificates, strong user authentication and access control to provide security to the traffic they carry. They usually provide connectivity to many machines behind a gateway or firewall.

Thanks to VPN Mailing List members Patrick Clark, David Farmer, Steve Goldhaber, Sandy Harris, Benoit Hotte, Eric Johnson, Ibrahim Khalil, Mark Petrovic, Lisa Phifer, Holt Sorenson, Rodney Thayer, and Tim Weil for their contributions.

The VPN Mailing List: where it all started.

Getting Started with IPsec -- a tbird ramble for someone who wants to begin building a standards-based VPN, but isn't sure where to start.

IPsec Troubleshooting -- Short Course from SANS 2001, Baltimore, MD

Tom Dunigan's Virtual Private Networks page



VPN Users: The Weakest Link Virtual private networks have generated their share of security concerns, but the focus has been primarily on flaws in VPN protocols and configurations. Although those issues are important, the most significant security threat in any VPN setup is the individual remote telecommuter making a VPN connection from home or an employee on the road with a laptop and the ability to connect to the corporate office via VPN.

VPN Overview from securitydogs.com

VPN benchmarking tool , based on Chariot.

InternetWeek Online VPN Source Page Somewhat dated, but still contains some useful vendor news and general reference material.

ATM Virtual Private Networks VPN as a tool for providing Quality of Service -- it's not just for security any more.

VPNs: Virtually Anything?

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