VPN Legal Issues

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Center for Democracy and Technology Crypto Information

Commercial Encryption Export Controls The Bureau of Export Administration is the federal organization in charge of export policy and restrictions on use/sale of encryption technology overseas. Check here for the latest government party line.

Cracking DES Secrets of Encryption Research, Wiretap Politics & Chip Design

Crypto Laws from Around the World A survey of international laws regarding cryptography, including source information. In addition, includes import laws, which can be just as tricky as export regulations.

Economic Strategy Institute Study of the economic impact of encryption export restrictions on US industries, particularly software and finance.

Encryption Privacy and Security Resource Page Includes copies of pending US legislation related to privacy and cryptography issues, as well as white papers on key escrow and other related topics.

GILC International Survey of Encryption Policy

Law Professors' Letter Regarding SAFE Amendments The SAFE Act (H.R. 695) was originally intended to loosen the traditional restrictions on the sale and export of strong encryption products. Amendments to H.R. 695, introduced by Oxley and Manton, completely reverse the language of the act, and restrict even further the public right to participate in free speech. This letter is long, but a cogent discussion of the constitutional issues around restriction of cryptographic technology.

Recommendation to President Clinton on Revising Encryption Export Regulations

SAFE Updates from 106th session of Congress

"What's Hot in Crypto" Bulletins An up-to-the-minute (as of 1999???) source for breaking news in the areas of key escrow, encryption export and privacy. For that matter, http://www.eff.org/ is just packed with helpful information for policy and legal discussions. Centered on US policy, but some discussion of other countries' requirements.