VPN Product Reviews

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Last modified: 08-Feb-2003 1:18

Buyer's Guide: VPNs Joel Snyder's 2002 review of VPN technologies for Network World

Securing the last mile Joel Snyder's 1999 VPN review appearing in Network World

Virtual Private Networks Lab Test Focused on hardware VPN devices.

VPNs: Safety First, But What About Speed?

IPsec VPNs: How Safe? How Speedy The VPN list's own David Newman co-authored this study of IPsec devices, high availability, and security features.

Tools ease mixed-vendor VPN configurations Really useful description of three vendors' IPsec implementations and the joys of trying to make them work together.

Network World Fusion Buyer's Guide: Virtual Private Networks Thorough snapshot of the VPN marketplace as of December 2000.

Pure Hardware VPNs rule high-availability tests Another performance test of VPN servers in high-availability configurations.

A flooded field for IPsec-based VPNs is good for users Focused on site-to-site VPN connectivity and enterprise applications.